Monday, 23 April 2012

Pandora - Anne Rice

Its hard to decide which of Rice's great works to write about. Particularly since most are drenched in history and facts, which I love. However, if you're an archaic times fanatic as I am, Pandora would particularly stand out. The foundation of Pandora's tale is set in ancient Rome, a time of decadence and cruelty, honour and stature. Lydia - her Roman name - born to a wealthy family with a father on the Senate, meets the man who is to change the path of her life for centuries to come, Marius. Due to the the drama's of ancient Rome, Lydia finds herself on a Greek island under the guise of "Pandora", a name that other than her self-chosen outcast status, would be her only consistent companion through the ages. The character of Pandora is always linked to Marius, the great love of her life, and she is significantly mentioned in other of Rice's works, such as Queen of the Damned.
Part of the New Tales of the Vampires along with the succeeding book Vittorio, Pandora would particularly be enjoyed individuals not favouring the ordinary

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