Monday, 28 May 2012

Wheel of Time: Books 1 to 6 - Robert Jordan

There is no way to contain my excitement as I write this entry. As of a few months ago, I have pledged almost complete literary fidelity to Jordan. Having received his 12 part Wheel of Time series as a gift, I have indulged shamelessly in his work, a feat that he unfortunately could not complete.
The Wheel of Time is a focus of natures necessity, the ages reproducing characters of power and legend to balance good and evil. Compared by the New York Times as a continuation of the world that J.R Tolkien revealed, the foundation of the series lies on Ba'alzamon- the Dark One - who has been imprisoned in the Pit of Doom at Shayol Ghul by the Dragon and Kinslayer Lews Therin Telamon. Once imprisoned, its revealed that Ba'alzamon cursed the male source of the One Power saidin, and as a result Lews Therin Breaks the World as an act of anger and pain when he realises that he has slayed his kin in the madness of the curse, hence the nickname Kinslayer.
Ages later, enter ta'veren: Three farm boys Rand al'Thor, Matt Cauthon and Perrin Ayabra. Each character treated as equally relevant and so continues through the series amongst other significant characters whose actions are influenced by the ta'veren. Rand - the protagonist and strongest ta'veren since Lew Therin - would in the second book be revealed as the Dragon Reborn, born into this age to lead Tarmon Gai'don along with Matt who channels the knowledge of a great general of Manetheren in wars of past and Perrin who reluctantly has the capabilities of a wolf.
Books 1 to 6 sees Rand going from a farm boy to amongst other titles, the Car'a'carn; He Who Comes with the Dawn; conqueror of lands and most importantly the Dragon Reborn. His ability to wield saidin is alluded to in the books until he faces one of the Foresaken, and in defeating him his status is confirmed by Moiranne, the Aes Sedai. Battling what seems insurmountable odds - the Foresaken who try to kill him at every opportunity, Aes Sedai who try to control him, navigating through devious nobility and deadly Seanchan, but most profound; his fear and the perception of his madness. Rand becomes the Dragon Reborn with Lews Therins unwelcome advice in his mind causing an internal struggle to hold on to his identity.
I'm glued to the developments

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  1. You've got me glued to your blog:) look forward to the next entry and finding out what happens to Rand and his companions