Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Twilight Saga - Stephanie Meyer

What can I say? The millions that flock to cinemas and the fact that these books were on best seller lists for literally years bares testament to the hysteria that Meyer's books have caused. All a result of a dream she had of a beautiful boy in a a clearing which inspired the books and movies that have a cult following of 'Twihards'.
Certainly designed with an adolescent age group in mind, the books are narrated by Bella - a plain Jane who both vampires and teenage boys tend to find equally appealing. The Saga takes the reader on an older crowd fairytale journey that culminates in Bella birthing a vampire/human hybrid and - out of necessity - transforming into a vampire to save her life.
Meyer authored the lessor known and officially unreleased work 'Midnight Sun' which is the tale as experienced through Edwards eyes. Its said that a few versions of Midnight Sun have been drafted, but due to the leak of the work,  Meyer retracted intention to publish until the popularity of the Saga waned.

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