Monday, 7 December 2015

This One Time - Alex van Tonder

Kudos to Alex van Tonder for so convincingly narrating this cultural expose from the dark recesses of the American male blogger's mind. This One Time delves into the 21st century 'make it big' mindset of the world of social media - not matter what the cost. The plot unfolds from a drug addled life of excess, the anti-hero Jacob Lynch, more popularly known via his blogger pseudonym, Brody Lomax. The Brody Lomax blog features a daily rhetoric that spews among other things, a constant supply of unashamed sexism and misogyny to a hungry (mostly male) public. A narcissistic character is depicted via the infamous Brody Lomax, however glimpses of a conscience can still be found in the drug addicted Jacob, even though he struggles to separate the two personas. When a sitcom deal that horrendously exploits both the naive and fame hungry women of New York takes off, Jacob reaches an all time low in his addiction, and, nudged by his agent, decides to use one of the many 'freebies' available to a popular blogger in the effort to sober up and complete his manuscript. The freebie being an exclusive getaway to The Delphine, a secluded luxury lodge in rural Alaska. Twiddling (for the last time) the world in the palm of an ungrateful hand, this is the last decision Jacob would make before fate - or something else- intervenes.
This book is at times gruesome and has a heavy edge of the cringe-worthy, but it nails the 'never ever enough' present day culture of social media, and the length's people will go to to be the new hit.
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