Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Storm Sister - Lucinda Riley

I have a deep appreciation for the rich factual and historical cloth on which Lucinda Riley sets out her tales. The Storm Sister is the second - and considerably bigger - volume on the Seven Sisters series and, well lets just say it does not disappoint. Ally, - or Alcyone as she was named by Pa Salt -  is the second eldest of the D'Apliese sisters. Working as a sailor, she falls in love with a famous skipper and accidentally witnesses her fathers' secret and  very suspicious burial at sea. Thrown by the death of her beloved rock, she is buoyed by her love for Theo until tragedy sends her life completely spiraling. Similar to the previous book where her older sister Maia is overwhelmed by the death f Pa Salt and events out of her control, Ally is motivated to follow the clues Pa Salt left her in death as a coping mechanism and distraction. The clues lead her to the crisp and sophisticated cultural landscape of Norway where Ally discovers secrets, family and the love of music that stretches across lifetimes.
Even the Acknowledgement section of the books display the natural story telling ability of the author. I look forward to the book on Star, the next sister of the Seven Sister series.
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