Saturday, 20 August 2016

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The Other Queen - Philippa Gregory

Philippa Gregory's The Other Queen provides a fictional narration on the historically factual people who played a role in the English captivity of Mary, Queen of Scots. One truly appreciates the research efforts that depict Mary and her cousin & rival, Queen Elizabeth as the complex women they may very well have been. One can't help but cheer for the apparently ravishingly beautiful Mary who, had events played in her favour, could have been a queen three times over. The events that lead to Mary's eventual execution in 1587 - after 16 years of captivity - lays a historically rich plot and the courtiers and captors that surround both queens are what makes it such an intriguing read as the high levels of influence they had were what swayed events. Now it could be my fascination with all things medieval that makes this book so enjoyable to me, however I do think that any reader would appreciate the first hand account provided by each arch character, specifically those of Mary's 'jailors', Bess and George Talbot.
The author of many well known books, two of which inspired a TV mini-series (The White Queen) and a movie (The Other Boleyn Girl), I look forward to picking up another read through the eyes of famous historical figures.

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