Sunday, 12 March 2017

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The Park - Gail Schimmel

Well written and sometimes witty is how I'd some up this book. Gail Schimmel certainly conveys a tone of motherly experience in this domestic-focused work. At times distracting a reader with the mundane daily domestic details that contribute to the tone of  Rebecca's overall situation, the book is divided into chapters titled with a 'good mother' checklist that we later find out was the little audit list of her troubled friend Lilith. After meeting Lilith and her daughter Ruby-Mae in the park with her soon to be ex-friend Rose, Rebecca and husband Sean's life slowly become affected in ways that they could not dream about. Without giving away too much of the book, I did find myself waiting through the first few chapters for something big to happen - the writing builds up the precipice of a juicy drama really well, and leaves you somewhat hanging until much later on. A great light read that would certainly appeal to the 30-50 year old mom target market.
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