Friday, 15 September 2017

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Jessica Sepel - The Healthy Life

Just about exiting the 2-month post pregnancy crazy period, if ever there was a book that would make me run out in wild dash (well, almost!) to buy chia seeds, its this one. Compiled underneath a venerably wholesome looking cover with the extremely healthy looking Ms. Sepel, I opened the book to read with much skepticism. After all, are we not bombarded enough with trendy ways of eating and breathing and seeing and weeing etc?
Despite my doubts, I warmed to the read, particularly the easy recipes (no comments on the higher priced ingredients but for goodness sake it pays to be healthy?!) some of which I've already attempted to try - cue her mum Nicky's roast chicken and those tasty muesli bars . Espousing the merits of a cleaner and more health-conscious way of living and eating, Ms Sepel's written creed aims to take you on a holistic journey that doesn't end with a goal weight or a certain waist circumference, this is a lifestyle choice and eschews food excesses and any type of mental or physical toxicity that impacts overall wellness and mindfulness.
I'm particularly partial to the encouragement of giving the exercise a skip if it means that you are more in need of rest than activity. Guess that means I'm gona try to sneak in a cat nap..Looking forward to getting stuck into Living the Healthy Life
*Book sponsored by Pan Macmillan

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