Sunday, 21 January 2018

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Living the Healthy Life - Jessica Sepel

I'm in awe of how honest Jessica Sepel is in her books, which is probably what attracted her huge fan base. Opening up about everything from her health struggles to her emotional issues with food, she is a super identifiable example for trying your best to live a healthy life. No diets, no extreme exercising or restrictive food regimes, the Jessica Sepel food creed is all about nourishing your body with food that's good for you and tastes delicious. Packed with nutritious and interesting sounding recipes that echo off what we saw in the Healthy Life, this book expands even further on her experiences and how we can all live better by healing different areas of our lives. I love how she incorporates different facets of the mind and body to give a holistic picture of healthy living - how the gut impacts the human system;  the impact of stress and imbalanced hormones; the relationship we have with ourselves etc
With 160 recipes there are at least 160 reasons to delve into this keepsake of a book, not including the eating plans and general good advice I guess we're all in need of in this super busy age.
*Book sponsored by Pan Macmillan

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