Friday, 9 February 2018

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Heaven Under Your Feet - Pregnancy for Muslim Women
Umm Hasan bint Salim

Last year when I was about 6 months pregnant I picked up this book at a local book store having heard that a reputable OBGYN based her pre-natal lectures on the principles espoused within the book. I read it and then life got busy. Almost a year later, I remembered the book which had been demarcated into a coffee table, patiently awaiting its next pregnant reader. High time for this review then hey?
As a Muslim mum there were definitely identifiable and helpful aspects to the book, particularly for a new mum who wanted to find the religious significance of this whole incredible experience. While I didn't really get that from the book, it did talk to me about how this incredible process impacts ones life from an Islamic female perspective, as well as the lives of our significant in the voice of someone who had obviously tread the path of pregnancy and mommy-hood.Written in a conversational tone, I could almost imagine a friend or aunt speaking to me as I read.
Finding some of the views too idealistic, the authenticated hadiths (narrations) were great, and the presence of helpful dua's (supplications) for different situations were nice too.
All in all a good read for the expectant Muslim mum-to-be who wants something more than the usual get-ready-for-baby literature.

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